My Kamen Rider Story

After having started watching Super Sentai and enjoying it, I decided to check out its Superhero Time sibling, Kamen Rider. I was of course familiar with Kamen Rider from it being Sentai‘s partner as well as the two American adaptations of it.

But feeling fully initiated into the world of tokusatsu with three Sentai series under my belt, I decided to finally check out the other Japanese superhero show for kids. And, unsurprisingly, I too fell in love with it.

When deciding how to jump into Kamen Rider, it was just as Fourze had been already been airing. But I felt like I wanted to instead begin with OOO since it had completed its run and I could binge through the entire series. It didn’t end up that way. Officially, my first Kamen Rider series is Fourze. And it definitely solidified that I was all-in to the franchise.

But during my family’s vacation in the Philippines, I had all OOO episodes ready to go on my laptop and I decided to finally jump in. And this was while Fourze was still airing.

So really, I consider both OOO and Fourze my “first” Kamen Rider season. Both definitely helped initiate me and welcome me to the world of Riders. And I haven’t missed an episode ever since.

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